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Defy Saver Systems

At Saver Systems, we understand the frustration people feel when they see what they've built deteriorate from the elements. Property is one investment you can bank on, but if it's made with concrete, masonry, or wood it needs to be protected. Saver Systems employs state of the art technology to help protect and save what you build.


Benjamin Moore

The better the resins and colorants, the better the paint. Benjamin Moore creates and manufactures its own resins - the binders that make the film and finish of a paint - and colorants - the pigments that give the paint its unique color and hiding characteristics. Then we take these proprietary ingredients and custom-formulate them to optimize their performance in each one of our products. This is a key component of our competitive advantage. Each product is designed to perform - crafted to serve a specific role, to deliver specific benefits. This is the secret behind the superior performance of Benjamin Moore coatings: extraordinary application properties, durability, scrubbability, and longevity. Benjamin Moore is a leader in wall paints and have one of the largest collection of wall paint colors.


Gaco Western

Gaco Western is a recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems, and offers best-of-class waterproofing and insulation solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications.



Duckback Products was founded over thirty years ago by a handful of people with a simple idea: formulate a superior exterior stain that would both beautify and protect their wood decks, siding, fences and other outdoor investments. These “Ducks” as they called themselves were committed to making extremely high quality coatings that would protect wood from harsh ultraviolet rays and shed rainfall like water off a duck’s back.

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    Defy ChimneyRX Water Repellent Fiddes and Sons Wax Websters Chalk Paint Powder
    Defy ChimneyRX Water RepellentFiddes and Sons WaxWebsters Chalk Paint Powder

    DEFY Masonry Chimney Water Repellent is a modified siloxane based product specifically designed for chimneys to penetrate deeply in to most masonry and concrete pores. Unlike acrylics, silicones, and other waterproofing sealers that form a film...

    Our first choice in finishing our chalk painted creations is We tried every soft paste wax on the market and Fiddes was the perfect fit for our needs. As thrifty, environmentally conscientious and practicality minded painters, Fiddes was just...

    Websters Chalk Paint Powder™ was created to answer our need for affordable chalk paint. Months and months of research went into creating a product that could be added to regular latex paint ~any brand, any color. We were trying to create a...




    Defy Wood Brightener Defy ChimneyRX Brushable Chimney Crown Repair Defy All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent
    Defy Wood BrightenerDefy ChimneyRX Brushable Chimney Crown RepairDefy All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent

    Restores the Natural Beauty of Wood. DEFY Exterior Wood Brightener is an oxalic acid deck brightener for wood deck cleaning that removes dirt, grime, tannin, rust and fungi stains from wood surfaces. Find out how to clean your wood deck for the...

    DEFY Brushable Crown Repair is a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. It's specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water intrusion. It stops leaks and prevents cracking and...

    Defy All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent is the Work-Horse product of the Defy line. This clear concrete sealer is the best driveway sealer because it is ideally suited for use on concrete where chloride ion protection is needed including...




    Defy Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent Deck Siding Stain 623 Defy Roof Cleaning Concentrate
    Defy Composite Deck Waterproofing SealerBenjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent Deck Siding Stain 623Defy Roof Cleaning Concentrate

    DEFY Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer is an extremely durable clear finish that helps prevent the return of black stains on composite decks as well as protect against the damaging effects of water, fungi, and UV radiation on composite wood...

    A premium quality waterborne alkyd/acrylic transparent stain. Trans-Oxide pigments are ground into a weather tested vehicle to provide ultimate sun protection and abrasion and mildew resistance

    The most common culprit causing the black streaks on roofs is a blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa magma. Over the past 25 years this strain of algae has become more hardy and has migrated to less humid environments. It has now become a common...




    Defy Extreme Wood Stain Defy Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer Defy Timberwash Wood Cleaner
    Defy Extreme Wood Stain Defy Epoxy Fortified Paver SealerDefy Timberwash Wood Cleaner

    Defy Extreme Wood Stain is a clear wood stain formulated using state of the art Nano-Technology to create a level of durability that has simply not been available in a clear wood stain finish in the past.

    DEFY Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer is a durable, water-based, clear wet look concrete sealant designed to protect and beautify both clay brick and cement patio type paver stones, giving them a rich satin finish while also functioning as a paver...

    Defy Wood Cleaner has the best deck cleaner ratings compared to most chlorine bleach deck cleaners. This oxygen bleach wood deck cleaning solution is highly effective at removing dirt, grime, mold, algae, and weathered graying from wood surfaces....




    GacoRoof Silicone Roof Coating Superdeck Deck and Dock Elastomeric Coating Benjamin Moore Interior Premium Regal Select
    GacoRoof Silicone Roof CoatingSuperdeck Deck and Dock Elastomeric CoatingBenjamin Moore Interior Premium Regal Select

    Application Guide Give your roof the silicone advantage Roof coatings made with acrylics, urethanes or asphalt soften under the stress of ponding water or snowpack. Eventually, these roof coatings will bubble and peel away from the substrate,...

    Boat docks and decks are the outdoor enthusiast's platform to adventure! However, wood that is outdoors year round is constantly exposed to nature's elements and can become very cracked and damaged over time. 

    Benjamin Moore Interior Premium Regal Select is a low odor premium paint with high durability and great coverage.




    Rustoleum Martin Mathys Noxyde Duckback P-3 Peeling Paint Primer GacoDeck Kit
    Rustoleum Martin Mathys NoxydeDuckback P-3 Peeling Paint PrimerGacoDeck Kit

    Noxyde is a single-component, elastomeric acrylic coating system that provides unrivaled rust-proofing,corrision, and waterproofing protection. For detailed quotes/inquiries contact Sean Thompson 800 457 1332 or email duvalsean@bellsouth.net....

    LIVE THE OUTDOORS! Don't let peeling paint stop you from refinishing old surfaces! With P-3 Peeling Paint Primer you can lock down peeling paint and re-coat the surface, adding years of life to old and damaged substrates. P-3 Primer may be...

    What can I do with GacoDeck Kit? GacoDeck allows homeowners to apply a high quality waterproof deck system over plywood, concrete, metal, fiberglass, and painted surfaces. The GacoDeck system provides lasting surface protection and...




    Infiniti Paints Great White Roof Elastomeric Coating Insl-X Cabinet Coat Trim Cabinet Enamel
    Infiniti Paints Great White Roof Elastomeric CoatingInsl-X Cabinet Coat Trim Cabinet Enamel

    GREAT WHITE 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating is a premium quality, fluid applied, elastomeric roof coating manufactured using advanced acrylic polymer technology. When applied properly, the fully adhered seamless membrane exhibits excellent...

    The Ultimate finish for refurbishing dingy kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture and other interior applications that require an ultra-smooth, factory like finish with long lasting beauty. Its super adhering quality allows painting...