Brickform Water Based ARTesian Stain

Brickform Water Based ARTesian Stain
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  • Item #: AS
  • Manufacturer: Brickform
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BRICK-AS
  • Brand: Brickform
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ARTesian stains are penetrating, water-based stains that produce unique color effects in finished cementitious surfaces that simulate the natural shadings and aged appearance of stone or masonry. The color effect produced is unique to each stained surface and cannot be duplicated with other materials. ARTesian Stain contains no acids or harmful chemicals and works as an alternative to
typical reactive acid stains. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design.
Basic Uses
ARTesian Stain may be applied over smooth troweled or textured concrete, cement-based overlayments, vertical or horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces, artificial rock displays, water features and themed finishes.
ARTesian Stain is a water-based formulation. ARTesian Stain contains no hydrochloric acid, making it more environmentally friendly.
ARTesian Stain is available in 18 standard colors. Refer to the ARTesian Stain Color Chart for colors available. Special colors and effects can be produced by using one or more applications, or by blending two or more colors.
  • Zero VOC
  • Water-based
  • Interior/Exterior Use
  • Apply With Sprayer
  • Must Be Sealed With Solvent- Based Sealer
    (i.e. Gem-Seal)
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