Coronado Texcrete Direct To Concrete Waterproofer 3194

Coronado Texcrete Direct To Concrete Waterproofer 3194
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  • Manufacturer: Coronado
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  • Brand: Coronado
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Texcrete WB is a new generation of acrylic waterproofing coatings developed by Coronado Paint that may be applied directly to high Ph masonry without a primer or conditioner, saving time and labor over other coating systems. Texcrete WB protects structures from wind driven rain while providing a breathable film that resists mildew, alkali, efflorescence, UV degradation and blistering.

Texcrete WB is easy to apply using all common application methods and delivers a uniform finish which is critical on large expansive surfaces. Four distinct finished textures are available to suit all types of structures.

Texcrete WB Delivers Superior Productivity and Reduces Costs

Texcrete WB will provide superior exterior performance with one less coat than traditional waterproofing systems. By being able to be applied directly to high Ph masonry surfaces without a primer or conditioner, Texcrete WB will save one coat of application. That simply is a significant savings in material and labor. Even greater savings are realized in projects that involve rigging and scaffolding to complete. Additional time savings are realized by not needing the usual 28 days of cure on newly poured masonry or new stucco. Texcrete WB may be applied to green (hot) concrete and masonry surfaces without a primer, thereby reducing production time.

Texcrete WB Delivers Lasting Durability and Protection

Texcrete WB protects from 95 MPH wind driven rain while providing a breathable coating that resists peeling and blistering from moisture within the structure. Texcrete WB has superior durability and coating properties that delivers an exterior finish that looks great and protects for many years. Innovative acrylic resins are the foundation of Texcrete WB providing color fastness and is mildew resistant.

Texcrete WB Delivers a Wide Range of Applications

Texcrete WB may be used on virtually any masonry surface. Tilt-up concrete, Poured In Place, Precast Concrete, CMU, Stucco, Split Face Block, and Concrete Block. Since it delivers an exceptional waterproof coating that has outstanding breathability, it is perfectly suited for re-coating EFIS exterior insulated wall systems. Texcrete WB is suited for all masonry buildings and structures including commercial offices, high rise structures, retail properties, and residential homes.

Texcrete WB Delivers a Finished Look for any Structure

Texcrete WB comes in four different and distinct finishes that provide the look and protection that satisfies any design choice. Texcrete WB 3194 Smooth Finish delivers a traditional painted look without any texture. 3196 Medium Texture provides just the right amount of filling and textures to hide and fill "spider cracks" on existing masonry structures thereby protecting and improving the building's looks and protecting from water damage. 3192 Sand Texture and 3198 Coarse Texture are designed to meet the special requirements and design taste of architects and building owners.

Coronado Texcrete only comes in white. For a custom Tinted color please call us at our toll free number: 1 (800) 457-1332, for available colors.

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