Defy Wood Products

SaverSystems has manufactured weatherproofing solutions for over 25 years. Our deck stain product lines include DEFY Extreme Wood StainDeck Stain for HardwoodsEpoxy Fortified Wood StainDEFY Stain StripperWood Cleaner, and Wood Brightener. Our product lines include clear deck stainssemi-transparent deck stains, as well as wood prep products for decks.

Defy Extreme Wood Stain Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper Defy Hardwood Deck Stain
Defy Extreme Wood Stain Defy Exterior Wood Stain StripperDefy Hardwood Deck Stain

Defy Extreme Wood Stain is a clear wood stain formulated using state of the art Nano-Technology to create a level of durability that has simply not been available in a clear wood stain finish in the past.

DEFY® Exterior Wood Stripper is a biodegradable, easy to use deck stain remover that will quickly remove stain wood finishes to restore the natural beauty of wood surfaces. Stains and varnishes are removed along with collected dirt, mold,...

DEFY Deck Stain for Hardwoods If you're looking for the best stain for cedar decks in a water-based product, then look no further. DEFY Deck Stain for Hardwoods is a synthetic, semi-transparent deck sealer specifically formulated for use on...




Defy Wood Brightener Defy Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer Defy Marine Seal Wood Cleaner
Defy Wood BrightenerDefy Composite Deck Waterproofing SealerDefy Marine Seal Wood Cleaner

Restores the Natural Beauty of Wood. DEFY Exterior Wood Brightener is an oxalic acid deck brightener for wood deck cleaning that removes dirt, grime, tannin, rust and fungi stains from wood surfaces. Find out how to clean your wood deck for the...

DEFY Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer is an extremely durable clear finish that helps prevent the return of black stains on composite decks as well as protect against the damaging effects of water, fungi, and UV radiation on composite wood...

DEFY Marine Seal Wood Dock Cleaner is an environmentally friendly product that safely cleans, brightens and restores the natural beauty of exterior wood. This product is also an excellent cleaner for exterior vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and...




Defy Timberwash Wood Cleaner Defy Original Synthetic Water Repellent Wood Stain
Defy Timberwash Wood CleanerDefy Original Synthetic Water Repellent Wood Stain

Defy Wood Cleaner has the best deck cleaner ratings compared to most chlorine bleach deck cleaners. This oxygen bleach wood deck cleaning solution is highly effective at removing dirt, grime, mold, algae, and weathered graying from wood surfaces....

Water and sunlight rob wood of its natural strength and beauty. Wet and dry cycles cause wood to expand and contract which leads to warping, swelling and checking. Sunlight breaks down wood cells causing them to turn gray and become susceptible...