Duckback Anti-Skid Texture Additive

Duckback Anti-Skid Texture Additive
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  • Item #: 6310
  • Manufacturer: Duckback
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 6310
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DUCKBACK® Anti-Skid Additive provides a skid-resistant surface to stairs, ramps, boat docks, walkways, poolsides and other surfaces where a non slip surface is desired.  Made from 100% ground walnut shells, Duckback Anti-Skid Additive is the perfect solution to safer walking surfaces.  Just mix Anti-Skid Additive with the final coat of product.

  • Add to paints and coatings
  • Interior and Exterior Use
  • ADA Recommended*
  • 40/60 Grit

*Product meets recommended standards set forth by American Disability Act.


Technical Data Sheet | Material Safety Data Sheet

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