Gulf Synthetics Concrete Revive

Gulf Synthetics Concrete Revive
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Old concrete, not-so-old concrete, aging asphalt — all can now receive an eco-friendly facelift from ConcreteRevive.   Fill cracks, cover unsightly stains, restore and revitalize pool decks, patios, porches, walkways, steps, driveways, concrete docks and aging asphalt.

Pool Deck Concrete Refinish

Concrete Step Refinish

ConcreteRevive is a Do-It-Yourself polymer coating that can resurface your concrete structure in ANY color. Color choice is determined by adding one gallon of any color exterior latex paint to the kit — allowing for color matching and decorative patterns to complement any environment.

Patio Project Concrete ReviveConcreteRevive gives you a textured, slip, stain  and scuff-resistant surface that lasts for years.  Applies easily with ordinary paintbrushes and rollers and tools clean up with water.   Dries quickly so that time-out-of-service is minimal.

Water-based, non-toxic and virtually odorless, ConcreteRevive is the green solution for reviving and protecting outdoor living spaces. When you resurface with ConcreteRevive, you preserve existing structures, prolong their service life and keep them out of our landfills. You also save time and money over more costly and labor intensive processes and over the cost of demolition and replacement.

ConcreteRevive is an affordable DIY choice that rolls on quickly and provides a durable new surface that you will enjoy for years. Why replace old concrete and aging asphalt, when you can resurface at a fraction of the cost?

Gulf Synthetics Product Brochure | Material Safety Data Sheet | Full Kit Production Application Instructions | 1/4 Kit Production Application Instructions

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