SmartRoof Silicone Seam & Repair Roof Sealant

SmartRoof Silicone Seam & Repair Roof Sealant
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  • Item #: FE-BG-W
  • Manufacturer: Smartroof
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FE-BG-W
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Price $27.99

Use it to prep before coating or before performing repairs on any roof.

SmartRoof™ Silicone Seam & Repair Roof Sealant:

  • Ideal for use with SmartRoof™ Silicone Roof roof coatings
  • Easy to apply, trowel or brush-on up to ¼” thickness
  • Tough and flexible
  • Ready-to-use product applies easily to dry, frost-free surface
  • Covers seams, cracks, flashings, fasteners, and other repairs 


Technical Data Sheet | Material Safety Data Sheet

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