Tuf Top Deco Chips Colored Vinyl Chips

Tuf Top Deco Chips Colored Vinyl Chips
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  • Manufacturer: Tuf-Top
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 43-101
  • UPC: 758461431016
  • MPN: 43-101
  • Brand: Tuf-Top
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Deco Chips are a through colored vinyl chip texturing agent designed for use as a decorative topping for the Tuf-Top WT-113 Waterbased Epoxy. Available in four blended colors, deco chips can mimic the look of terrazzo and stone surfaces on floors, counter tops and most interior surfaces. Broadcast by hand, or by hand held seed spreader into the second coat of WT-113 epoxy. The epoxy must be wet, work in small sections. After 12-16 hours curing, scrape the surface lightly to remove any partially bonded chips, then or blow off the excess. A clear sealer is suggested for durability and easy maintenance. The clear sealer should be applied withing 36 hours following the application of the chips. Apply 1 or 2 coats of TPU-188 Urethane clear, or silicone acrylic clear sealer.


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