Tuf-Top Rhino-Hide Skid Resistant Additive

Tuf-Top Rhino-Hide Skid Resistant Additive
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  • Item #: 42-11
  • Manufacturer: Tuf-Top
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 42-11
  • UPC: 758461421116
  • MPN: 42-11
  • Brand: Tuf-Top
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RHINO HIDE is a unique polymer texturing agent designed for use in most paints and stains. Available in coarse and fine grades RHINO Hide will stir easily into most paints and stains with minimal effect on the coating viscosity. The low density of RHINO hide allows it to stay suspended in the coating rather than sinking like sand type additives. This allows for a more even application with less stirring. Due to it's spherical shape, RHINO Hide is not highly abrasive, and is easy to clean due to its lack of sharp edges.


RHINO Hide is available in pre-metered containers to treat gallon or 5 gallon containers. Available in coarse or fine grades.


RHINO Hide will increase the surface resistance of most surfaces, but due to it's small particle size should not be considered a non-skid material. It is the User's or Applicator's sole responsibility to determine the suitability of this product in areas of pedestrian traffic.

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