Tuf Top Two Part Water Based Epoxy

Tuf Top Two Part Water Based Epoxy
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  • Item #: WT-113
  • Manufacturer: Tuf-Top
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WT-113
  • UPC: 758461510117
  • MPN: WT-113
  • Brand: Tuf-Top
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TUF-TOP WT-113 is an extremely durable, chemical resistant, 2 component Water Based Poly Amide Epoxy Enamel for use on masonry floors and walls, as well as metal. WT-113 combines the durability of solvent based epoxies with the ease and safety of water based paints


NEW OR UNPAINTED SURFACES - Combine/mix both components of WT-113 well prior to use. Mix only enough product that can be applied in two hours. Mix 4 parts "A" ( color ) to 1 part "B" ( cure ). Apply with roller ( sheepskin ), brush or airless sprayer. Apply first coat, allow to dry ( 8-12 hours depending on weather ), then apply the second coat. Allow new concrete to cure a minimum of 30 days before painting. All curing compounds and form oils must be removed to insure proper adhesion.

OVER OLD PAINT - Old coatings must be sound and firmly adhered. Apply with roller, brush, squeegee or broom. Two coats are recommended. Apply first coat, allow to dry ( 8-12 hours depending on weather ) and then apply the second coat at right angles to the first coat. Old coatings should first be sanded to provide a "tooth" for adhesion.


  • Withstands most common chemicals
  • Water reducible
  • Water cleanup
  • Excellent durability and changeability
  • Attractive gloss sheen
  • May be clear coated with TRU-122 polyester urethane for maximum chemical resistance

The clear sealer may be tinted up to 1 Fl. Oz per gallon to achieve a mottled or translucent effect on interior masonry floors.

TDS Report | Part A MSDS Report | Part B MSDS Report

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