Tuf-Top is the leader in concrete coatings and treatments. For weatherproofing, wear protection or beautification of concrete, asphalt, cement, stucco, marble, tile and pavers, interior and exterior use, we have a range of products for every project.

Tuf-Top Rhino-Hide Skid Resistant Additive Tuf Top Deco Chips Colored Vinyl Chips Tuf Top Two Part Water Based Epoxy
Tuf-Top Rhino-Hide Skid Resistant AdditiveTuf Top Deco Chips Colored Vinyl ChipsTuf Top Two Part Water Based Epoxy

RHINO HIDE is a unique polymer texturing agent designed for use in most paints and stains. Available in coarse and fine grades RHINO Hide will stir easily into most paints and stains with minimal effect on the coating viscosity. The low density...

Deco Chips are a through colored vinyl chip texturing agent designed for use as a decorative topping for the Tuf-Top WT-113 Waterbased Epoxy. Available in four blended colors, deco chips can mimic the look of terrazzo and stone surfaces on...

TUF-TOP WT-113 is an extremely durable, chemical resistant, 2 component Water Based Poly Amide Epoxy Enamel for use on masonry floors and walls, as well as metal. WT-113 combines the durability of solvent based epoxies with the ease and safety of...